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Sexually assaulted

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23/07/2017        Anonymous

It happend in a young boys house i was friends with him and it was my time to go home and i needed a lighter and i asked my other friend she offered me her lighter but the boy said his mam had 1 in the house so i said ok he took me in the house and locked the door i couldnt get away from the situation quickly he sexually assalted me it went on for about 10 minutes all together when i finally got the strength to push him off me and run to a bus stop i rang the police as soon as i had got home they came out told me everything was gonna be ok i was in a mess didnt want to leave the house or anything i was at the hospital the next day and i never left the house for about a month the police have helped me ever since i saw them every week and i still do now i was at court on the 18th july he admitted everything he knew he was in the wrong and he is getting sentenced on the 3rd august and i thank the police for supporting me through everything