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sexually abused from about 4 years old

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17/01/2015        zoeym

I can remember posing for photos and he says "come on pose for daddy " I hear a number of click click click , I do as I'm told cos if I don't I will have to do something that I don't like .. every day ,, as soon as I am left alone with him he does things to me , I hate him so much , it carried on all the way till I was 18 years old .. at 15 I was friendly with some people a boy took interest in me and he then took even more dignity from me ... I fell pregnant by him and at 16 I gave birth to a girl , my step father abused me all through my pregnancy and even turned up at my first new home and sexually attacked me ... After that I vowed he would never touch me again .....and I'm now in my 40's and have just reported him to police .. I'm a ptsd suffere and have been for many many years .. every car door or noise outside I think he is coming back to finish the job .. I just want to be normal ... I keep thinking over and over what did I do that was so wrong to be treated like that .. it must have been my fault ..