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sexual assult at 14!

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27/12/2014        Amie

I just want people too understand how hard it is to meet the wrong people. I was a young teen, felt lonely at home and wanted to be loved. I didn't have a big brother or father. So i went on dating sights to meet someone to love me.. i met this man, who seemed lovely .we was chatting for weeks and weeks then we met up. He was 37 and i was "18" (i lied i was only 14 nearly15) we used to meet up alot and we'd go back to his.. everything was perfect! He led me to believe we was in a relationship After meeting up a few times i new how wrong it was so i told him my real age..only tkto find out he lied as well as he was 40 .. old enough to my dad.. he seemed like he was bothered thou. And still wanted too meet up and have "fun" . Then i moved to Birmingham and he went mad at me saying its to far away for him to come see me. I met someone more my age and got pregnant after i had my 12 week scan he rang me and i told him i was pregnant.. he wasn't happy but still wanted fun! Anyway, december 2013 i had the police at my door ( now 20yrs old) i had forgotten about this man. And the police showed me a picture of him asking if i no him.. did video statements and it was in court Feb 2014. He is a evil man who didn't just hurt me but also his own daughter and other young girls incl a 2yr old!! He hasnow thankfuly got 36yrs in jail! Im still awaiting on a claim from cica