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Sexual abuse as a six year old by my cousin

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05/05/2015        Marion W

He sexually abused me for the two nights of his brothers wedding , he smeared his private part in butter and made me *** and **** on it , he then ran a bath and said he was going to clean me but held me under and tried to drown me I have never been so terrified I thought I was going to die , someone interrupted a family member who had come back from the wedding party, he came into my room later that night and told me that if I mentioned this to any one my family would die, I had locked this away until I couldn't cope with life any more had had a course of analytical hyponotherapy where I unlocked my past , that was ten years ago I have since been bullied at work by my boss had three months off since then things have gone into decline , I reported him to the police 8 or 9 weeks ago and they have been very supportive , doctors have increased my antidepressants and am going to a private doctor for help , no one available for 9 months , police incident number is with the Chester police , I will find and give, it has affected the whole of my life thanks Marion