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Sexual abuse from mums partner

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04/10/2017        Anonymous

It started when I was 8 years old, at first it was things like he would have a bath with me but not do anything. Then he would say disturbing things to me. One night he pulled off my pj trousers and I cried and shouted no no so my mum woke up and asked what was going on, he lied saying he had taken them off to smack me. I shook like a leaf in bed. He took sick opportunity one night to go the final step and carried out the sexual abuse incident. My brother ran into the room but was far too young to know what was happening. No incidents happened after that. I kept it secret for a few years when I then told my friend who had told her family. The social work and police were called. Abuser not convicted due to lack of evidence, has gotten away with it, no justice. Made out to be a vindictive liar by family and social work department. On a child protection register for years, suffer from anxiety now. We should not be ashamed at being sexually assaulted, we should speak out about our ordeals. These monsters should not be allowed to hide in the dark with their twisted, sick minds.