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sexual abuse as a child for 2 years

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16/06/2014        luke cranfield

Basicaly when I was 12 I used to stay at my friends house and his dad would abuse me sexually. I was to sceard to say owt to anyone. And It made me feel like I had to go every weekend. For this to happend to me. Im ashamed of what happend and have been ever since it started. Yes he was arrested and sent to jail for this. it was another kid that came forward and im so glad he did. Because then I and 5 others did aswel. My mum was told this man would not be released back into the city we lived in. Only he was. And he struck again in the next area code from me. I didnt find out about this til I was 29. Anyway since this happend to me iv been out of control. Doing things I shouldnt do getting sent to jail for driving affences. Running away from home. Swearing at my mum. smoking cannibis. Drinking alcohol. But thats what I thought kids did. Want till Iv got my own family and want to settle down that I realised. It wasnt normal behaviour. And iv been suffering depresion anxciaty. And all other symptoms. It was my daughters death that made me realise what iv been going threw since I was abused. So im trying for cica. For the abuse where iv been rejected 2 times and now its to a first tier tribunal. Since iv been settled and got a family. This has got worse for me to deal with. Why should there be a time limit on such cases to claim compansation. When we suffer for the rest of our lifes. We dnt have a limit for it to go away.