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sexual abuse as a child for 2 years

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19/02/2015        Anonymous

My story is about being sexually abused. From the age of 12. Till I was 14.. when I was 11 I met this friend he was just abit older than me. After about so long. He asked me if I wanted to stay at his dads with him. So I did. Nothing happend that weekend. it was the week after it started. His dad used to touch me and tell me to be quiet. I was really sceard. And didnt no wot to do. As I thought this is my fault. A few weeks later I was going out in his lorry doing deliveries long distance. One day he took me to a shop it was a gun shop. In my local area. He bought a replica gun. But at the age I was I just thought it was a real gun with real bullets. Made me even more scared. And to do what he says just incase he hurts me or my mum. The abuse lasted 2 yrs it destroyed me I ended up doing petty crime and smoking cannibis well I already smoked it due to my mate his dad used to buy it him all the time. But I got worse and dependant on it as I got older. I just wanted the nightmere to go away smoking it helped me sleep somtimes. I didnt realise I had depression and anxity. Becouse I was young.. times gone by im now 31. This is still a memory in my head that I will never get rid for those out there that have been through what I have please dnt let the abuser win by letting it destroy you. I thank the boy who came forward and got us all out of the situation we was in. Yep thats rite ther was 7 of us being abused.