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Run down on the street and not a thing done about it

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27/08/2015        Neil G

I was enjoying a social night out with friends for the Champions league final at the Colonel Prior pub in Sunderland on the 6th of June earlier this year which turned into a living nightmare. I left friends momentarily after the pub, only to get into an unprovoked argument with a young lad screaming obscenities at me across the road, whilst distracted an accomplice driving a white old style renault megane with reg plate ending LGR, accelerated at speed off the road onto the path I was standing on smashing into me sending me flying over the bonet, I managed to scramble up a grass embankment where I was chased by the car and hit again, I fell to the ground, the car reversed and proceeded to drive right over both my legs with the front and back tyres. His mate jumped in the car and they fled the scene. I was beyond shocked, it was a miracle I never broke anything. But my ankles were twisted and scarred and my legs got very badly bruised. No idea why this happened, only assume they were off their face on something. Pure scum, could have put me in a wheelchair, or killed me. Serious mental trauma since the incident, keep getting panic attacks and odd nervous twitches Iv'e never known of, but what hurt the most is the police never seemed to care in the slightest. I was picked up after witnesses called police and because I had a few beers that evening, police just took me home and never returned. For the next 2 weeks I tried to chase up what was happening, only to be told the officer dealing with it was off or in training. Nobody ever came to take a statement off me, even after I put in a complaint. They had the model & colour of the car, eye witness accounts, including part of the reg. Surely something could have been done. I'm sure if I had died fingers would have been pulled out. Completely lost faith in the police over the matter and I am simply not the same man after the ordeal. That scum is still out there and could hurt somebody else. Worse this time. Thing is when you apply on the compensation website you have no room to tell your side, and it's not like anyone got my side of it because not even the police bothered to take a statement. This is my story and I want it heard because justice was just not on the agenda here and there were massive failings in the people who are paid to protect me from these things.