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Rape by partner

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15/07/2015        Lindy

I was in a relationship, he started to drink a lot of whisky, more he drank the more violent he became. He slammed my head in wardrobe doors, hit me in the face with a baseball bat, I could go on with all the degrading things he did before I had the courage to leave him. I called the police, they was amazing, they listened let me talk, let me cry, never once rushed me, they knew my ex, seemed he had a past record, was even inside for stabbing someone years ago, had raped his ex wife but got her to drop the charges, which he also tried to do with me, I had all sorts of threats, but stood firm, the police kept in regular contact with me, the court was awful first time he got a hung jury, meanwhile out on bail he raped someone else, but the second time he was found guilty, 20 years, so I would say, stay strong, keep safe, report and trust the police, except any help and counselling, remember you are not alone, and it is not your fault.