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One punch caused severe injury to partner and triggered psychological issues with me witnessing the assault

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20/01/2015        Jodie J

My name is Jodie Jenkins. I'm 27 years old and have a beautiful daughter Elysse. I have worked on a soft play and party centre for five years it's the perfect job. My partner, a prison officer.. While we were enjoying each others company on a night out in our local pub, out of nowhere my loved one was viciously attacked from behind and punched in his face, all for being a "screw" the word of which the offender used. The outcome of this resulted in my partner loosing his right eyesight for life, and had surgery on his shattered face and eye. Witnessing this awful event triggered my mental state which previously iv managed to control. After trembling for days without knowing why, I was diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Following ten sessions of counselling at my surgery, I have been diagnosed with Depersonalization disorder. This iv always had, ( undiagnosed) but always just thought I was a bit crazy, a bit different you know? Since doing research in this disorder I have become obsessed and I have fallen deeper out of reality. I lost my job due to extreme anxiety where I walked out of work the one day. I feel like I have been "left" by mental health services. Forgot about. You cannot see mental health problems it's not like a scar where people can see it and hear your story, my diagnoses is invisible to everybody else which makes myself seem even more crazy than first suggested.. I have attempted suicide, I have to take the highest medication dose that my doctor can prescribe. All because somebody decided they did not like prison officers. Justice has not been done. Offender done a year ish in prison. He's out this month actually.. He's coming out to carry on his life and start up where he left off. Lucky for him he can do this. As for us, the victims, we have to live with disturbing life changing mental health problems.. I want people who suffer mentally to get help.. There's nothing out there to help us. The current waiting list for phsycological therapy is two to four years.. No wonder there are so many suicides every year unexplained!! I hope somebody out there can see how a one drunken punch can trigger so much unexplained trauma to somebody due to personal past experiences. Now I am living with depersonalization to the extent where I loose control easily, I have mild aggro phobia, some days not even able to go out of the house.. I have lost all emotion, I am completely numb inside. I have no sexual relationship due to mental health and the PST. I am innocent and ever since this attack I have fallen into a downward spiral, at the moment, with no way out. Thankyou for reading