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the next door neighbour who hurt me

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12/03/2015        michael graham

i was a seven year old boy playing in the back garden three years before my mother had passed away on that sunny day the next door neighbour beckoned me to come into the woods with him i did cos i thought i was going to be safe anew adventure i thought. how wrong i was he held a kitchen knife to me pulled my trousers down put his penis between my legs and started simulating sex. then he tried to get me to suck his penis. which i didnt this carried on until the age of eleven until i was aloud up into the street and he told me if i said any thing iwouldnt be believed even in the cubs icould get away from him as he was a scout who helped the cub pack from time to time .i blocked this from my memory for 39years until this year when this persons father passed away which triggered all the bad memories this man has never been arrested for his molestation this has taken alot of courage for me to type this true story