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26/05/2015        Zoe

I have 4 children and my eldest was born with one right eye and my daughter was born with menigitis and we had to live in the hospital for a year i had a 2 bed with no radiators in house and the council didnt want to put them in so i saw an MP mr jim wiggleworth he got me a nominated to house that was warm for us then i had another he was born with gromits in the neck had to have an operation then another he was ok all good so i then needed a bigger house 3 bed in brounstone area well that was in 2000 then my mum took very ill I was her carer every day so it was all to much taking my kids all the time there to see my mum ill there nanna they loved so much council never moved me on medical grounds in 2003 sadley she passed we were devastated it affected us big time even today and a year before my mum passed my aunty passed then my niece and my nanna then my mum all a year after one another when in 2004 i fostered my niece i never claimed money for here she was 12 years so my hose was over crowed i had condensaton on my walls etc ruined my stuff carpets and things that my mum left in her will for us to keep i paid for her funeral with no help from the government funds no 1 helped us we needed a bigger house 3 boys 2 girls then we stayed in 2007 my son was sexually abused by a lad who lived over the road dci involved safe house inter views courts council still never moved us on them special grounds the lad got let off with lack of evidence he moved back over to us then we were threatened ect windows put through everything i gave proof to council death letters all sorts still kept us there we need help.