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My uncle sexual abused me in my own house

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15/03/2015        Anonymous

I was a young girl when i was visiting my nan, i got introduced to my uncle. He was ok at first but then went all terrible wrong. I was staying over at my nans for the weekend, so was he. I was sleeping on the couch when i woke up to being touched and forced into being touched inside. I kept it quiet as he said it was are little secret, so i kept it in. The day after my uncle wa taking my little brother to the park and my dad said i should go to so i did. He kept using his facial exspressions at me to like say he wants more. I was scared to death. That night i left my nans and went home and cryed my self to sleep. A week later he turned up at my house and he started it again my grandad was looking after me at the time but i was upstairs and so was he. So it happened again but this time he said to me he would find me and hurt me if i told anyone, so again i kept it a secret. Then 2 weeks later my dad come into my room and asked me if there was anything up as he could see i wasnt the smiley girl he new i burst i to tears and told him. He called the police and had my uncle arrested. I was scared, so much was going through my head for telling as my uncle said he was going to hurt me. I got checked by a doctor and all was fine thank god. But now am 17 and its still hard to get close to my partner. I've had cancolling but i never spoke up, i was scared to. But now i wish i did as if you do speak up then these horrible people camt hurt anyone eles.