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My rape story, read more to see how i delt with this.

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21/11/2014        Sophie

Hello, Thankyou for reading this. In this story I will be telling you how it happened, who done it to me and where it happened. I was on my way to school, a normal morning for me. I called in to see if my step-sister was catching the bus with me, I knocked.. her boyfriend answered, he called me in and I sat down. I noticed he had locked the front door but just thought he was playing about with it so I didn't take much notice, as I sat down he asked me do I want a cuppa coffee, tea or hot chocolate as it was January, I replied with 'no thanks' so he sat down to, he was turning the channels over and all porn programs came on such as e.g.. playboy, chat us, rabbit.. I only say 'babe station' and I wondered what the hell is he doing. Shortly after he asked me 'do I want to watch the real one' I said 'I don't know' because I was soo tired, I followed him upstairs. he covered my eyes, opened a draw and put some DVD into the television, he asked me 'chose a number between 1 and 5?' I said '3' I still was curious what was going on because at the time I had only just turned 13. Next thing I know lots of naked people came onto the television and was having sexual contact, he sat on my stomach and put him knees on my arms so I couldn't move, he sooner pulled down my school trousers. He hit me, I tried to stop him but I could not. He inserted his penis into my vagina and I could not stop him. I did not know what was going on, I was shaken up so much.. it was all hard to cope with but I still went into school.. I said to one of the girls 'I think I have just been raped' and she said to one of the teachers and they phoned the police, I had to be questioned.. it was so hard telling them what had happened as it still did not hit me in time! it took 14 months to go to court but he had got sent down this February 2014, in the meantime of waiting for the court case, when it did hit me I started taking drugs and was drinking, 6 months later I got off them all by myself and would not tell anyone. I was self harming constantly and I still do sometimes but now It has had a massive impact on me, I have discovered I have a 'mental illness' 'anxiety' and 'depression' I hope no one ever has to go through this, If you ever need support always try and phone childline or the Samaritans.. they will help you as much as they can, keep your head held high.