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my love love of my uncle

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14/04/2015        Anonymous

I was 13 Years old when I started to run away from home to my uncles until I moved in with him I fell in love with him with in days then one night he made me have sex with him even tho I loved him I never wanted to sleep with him he made me have sex with him for 3 years I wasn't living there for the full 3 years but I still went up because he made me fell wanted and loved when I didn't ythink no one wanted me then one day it got all to much for !e and I tried to kill myself and after that I went to the police and told them everything. Then when I was 18 I went to his house to ask him why he did it and he made me have sex with him again this time it didn't take me 3 years for it happening again for me to hurt myself or go to the police I went the same night it happened now he in court and its got me thinking about it all and I some times think I should of never gone to them but I am glad I did as he can't do it to no else I will all ways still love him even tho he did all they'd things to me