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My living nightmare

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06/11/2016        Anonymous

I'm now 23 years old I was 18 when I experienced the worst thing any one can go through , I was having a drink at my friends and around 1-2am I started to walk home where I could hear footsteps behind me I walked a bit faster and the man behind me speeded up I had no chance I was thrown to the ground and sexually assaulted I was in alot of pain I thought I was going to be killed , I screamed and was pressed down squashed to the floor he eventually got off me and ran I felt disgusted and embarrassed I ran to my friends house as I was so scared I was crying shocked and hysterical because of what had just went through , my friend persuaded me to phone the police so I did an ambulance also came I was took to a sexual health hospital where I was treated and given medication to prevent any std's or anything I really wanted to end my life I couldn't believe it happened to me but its selfish to think like that as its happened to many other girls its a horrible and traumatising thing to go through and I'm sorry to all the other girls that have went through this , I was sent home and had to go for an interview with the police to provide a statement I felt like I was being interrogated it was horrible they didn't help or support me , they didn't find my attacker and didn't do anything else to try and find him and asked if i wanted my clothes back i felt so angry why would anyone want their clothes back from that night, so my attacker is still out there destroying another girls life. I just hope that maybe the system changes and can find justice!