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26/08/2014        Kevin

My name is kev and what I'm about to tell u is the truth of what happen to me as a child from the age 8 I was threw in to cold baths beaten in my sleep stripped naked and beaten had a knife threw in My back for asking for a £1.00 I've been beaten with curtain wire big bits of wood this all happened till I was 12 then my 2 older brothers moved out then it got worse I was hit in the head so hard I went down all the stairs in my house a smashed my head of the stairs and went hospital blood was flowing out of my head and my mums words were shut up here's a plaster then I was taken into care which was bad but at least I weren't get hit any more then when I was 15 I was stabbed by one of my mums boyfriends were I had to go to a top hospital or I would of lost the use of my left hand since then my life has been full of ups and downs I seemed to be able to cope till I was about 20 but since then it started affecting me in relationships always angry and I use to blame my self thinking it was me that was the problem and it's took me 15 years to understand it weren't all my fault as I never had a level playing field I now have and will not have contact with my mum or the man who stabbed me which is good but my life is a mess I'm 35 now and I hope the next 30 year are better that the 35 before thanks for reading kind regards kev