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me and my hubby attacked

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22/02/2014        jax

i was just getting over a big op it was 8weeks hadnt been out my friend phoned me new yrs eve an said we havin a party come an have a drink. we stayed 1hr then walked home as only 15mins away frm r house on the corner there was 3 xxx an a xxx woman. 1 of the xxxx said somethink to me an my hubby what u say its the wife the next thing i seen 1 xxxx go behind him dont know from this day what happend next. only i woke up on the floor looked an the 3 xxxx kicking my poor hubby. i couldnt get to him he was in a bad way. i lost my tooth mem loss an bleed on brain. wouldnt go out for weeks my poor hubby beaten black an blue on his face an head. we stiil a wreck. my hubby hearing not good he never been same man scince. me im still going to brain injurys total wreck. just wish there was one nght i could go to bed in not have that vision of my hubby geting kicked like a football. and the police saying we lucky we could be dead.