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Mauled by pit bull

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05/10/2015        Rebekah

I was mauled by what u call a ban dog in this country. I was paying my own buisness in the owners flat when suddenly the dog was hanging from my leg and alternatively swapping its grip from leg to arm. I was petrified as the owner had no control. Trying all ways to get the grip released the dog finaly gave up and released. I was rushed to hospital in which i had to travel by private taxi as wounds were that bad i could not wait for ambulance. I had to have a tetnis and later be referred to whiston to skin grafts specialist and since then am mentaly traumered. I received no help from police apart from taking details and statememt of incident or any organisation but am in receipt of ESA for depression, anxiety and nerve damage in my foot and hand. Since this i suffer with anxiety and am petrified of any dog small or big but i dont believe i have had any justice. I have been refused compensation on the basis that i cannot present identity of dog owner and he was never arrested. Hopefully the CICA can help me further.