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let down

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02/05/2014        Anonymous

7months I was attack with a cricket bat from behind and badly beaten I told the police where I thought the boy lived and nothing was done the boy is now in jail for fire arms which is good because he can't hurt anyone one else...I put a claim in to cica and was accepted but at the time I had a unspent conviction of criminal damage as I've been bullied and tautned where I live and I came home one day and someone tried to break into my home so of course I got upset and the person I thought it was I broke there window and I was the one who got into trouble I feel let down by the system and as soon as I find out who I can higher too to talk too this won't be left alone I couldn't believe my claim has just failed all because I have a unspend conviction they have no idea what I've been going threw it's a joke