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07/08/2014        Anonymous

During my childhood I experienced the following. I was neglected even to the extent of having bleeding gums and ingrowing toenails as a preschool child. I suffered from bed wetting and I was sent to school unwashed unchanged & stinking. I was set to work as a pre school child and kept off school to do chores and errands as well as sell items to get money for the family. My mother used to undress and wash in my presence. I was beaten often having to duck under a table to avoid this. I was knocked out twice once by my mother who threw a flat iron at me and my skull still shows the crack which is prominent on my fore head, and once by my father who hit me so hard that I was lifted off my feet. Because of the taunting I received at school for being smelly I had to go to a catholic school where a male teacher abused children in my presence on two different occasions. The first by putting his hand on a boys private parts, the second by hitting boys on their privates having made them drop their trousers and pants. I very narrowly avoided being abused myself on both occasions. All this has had a profound effect on me but the worst is at the age of fourteen my mother gave me an aborted baby to me to burn after keeping me off school. All this led me to leave home at the earliest opportunity which led in its self led to a series of disasters some of which I brought on myself. I feel there must be something out there to compensate me for all of this as my life is effective ruined because of it. This is not the first time I have mentioned these incidents to medics and councillors.