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Indecent exposure by next door nieghbour.

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02/08/2014        Sharon O'Hara

I share a joint path with a nieghbour, his back door is only 3ft from my gate, and directly opposite his door. In August 2013 he used to sit outside his back door on my wall and make comments about my bum, boobs etc. when I used the path to get to the top of our joint parking access. I told him to leave alone as I wasn't interested in him or his comments. This went on for some 2 months. One day he touched my bum and I went berserk, threatening to tell his partner whom he lived with. ( he only did these things when she was at work and he was drunk ! ) He left me alone for several weeks after this, and I thought this was the end of it. But one day in Feb when he was drunk and stoned, ( he regularly smokes cannibis ) he was stood at his back door with his pyjamas round his ankles and mastubating. I came back in and called the police. Because he was so drunk, the police would not even go and see him. A few days later he climed up behind my 6ft fence and looking in my kitchen window he was clearly masturbating, he then came into my garden and hid behind a woodbox in my garden and continued to masturbate. I ran out to confront him but he shot back into his back door and shut the door... This time I made a statement to the police ( I had previously only had it logged). I was told that as I only logged it the 1st time I was not that bothered !!!! This happened on more occasions and I gave several statements, I also increased the height of my fence and had a gate put at the top of the garden to avoid using the joint path. I spent nearly a £1000 on increasing my security. I lived in permenant fear and kept all my blinds down day and night and dared not use my garden because he had a window that overlooked it. In fact this was it seems the way he knew I was out ... He used to keep his door shut until I was up the path, then open his door when I came back down the path, and masturbate as I came past. The police were useless and said it was my word against his without evidence. I lost all my confidence and became suicidal, having Drs visit me at home on request from Victim support . I was put on medication and needed counselling all because of what this man had done to me. I also had abuse from his girlfriend, saying why would he do this , have you looked in a mirror recently. This really took my already low self esteem to an all time low.. The police again said they could do nothing about her comments as they had not heard them.. A neighbour across the road had heard them and said she would give a statement but the police said they had to hear it ! I had fake CTV cameras put up ( I could not afford real ones and the police failed to let me have one even though they said I could have one ) I was fast losing faith in the police and judicial system. Without proof it seemed he could say or do what he liked, and he used this to his advantage telling my I had no proof or saying Prove it. He knew he could not be seen or heard where he was doing all this ... Eventually I plucked up the courage to go up the path with a camera set on video in my pocket, I was physically shaking in case he realised what I was doing .. He wasn't there when I went out, but sure enough the door was open when I came back down, I have never been so scared in all my life but as I got to his door he was stood just inside mastubating again. I asked him what the hell was he doing (again) and and told him there was a camera, pointing to the fake camera, he replied quitely, it can't see me. I then said I was going to phone the police and he said I couldn't prove it !! with a sneering grin ! Again they came out and again they wouldn't arrest him as he was too drunk.... They eventually asked him in for a voluntary interview, which did not happen for several weeks, much to my distress. During this interview he never denied this and claimed he was very sorry but he did it because he was drunk !!!! He was charged on May 9th to appear in court on the 14th July, but got this adjourned because he was stuck in Ireland and could not get home in time he claimed. He was back in court on the 28th July and pleaded guilty to indecent exposure, and he is to be sentenced on the 28th August. During all of these incedents I had several police attend and had to go through the whole story from the beginning every time, causing me great distress every time. Also the police never informed the Victim support team, I rung them myself after a couple of months when I was desperate for help ! The police have never informed me of anything, I have had to contact them to find everything out for myself. They did not even tell me when he was due in court. I had to phone victim support for all the updates on what was happening... Without me contacting them I would still be in the dark.. I am quite frankly appalled with the police and the way they have handled this case. I have felt like the criminal from day one ! I made many statements and gave hours to the police to get a prosecution againts this pervert, and he only had one trip to the police station, when it suited him! I have turned my life around to avoid this perpertrator, and have only persued this so he will not do it to anyone else, but it has cost me time, money and my sanity !