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falling in love with wrong man

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04/07/2014        Anonymous

i fell in love at first sight,he was perfect, or so i thought,great with me,my children and family,he couldnt do the months went by he became more moody,picky with me,and then he hit me.the shock,the tears he apologised,i forgave him,yet it picked up momentum,attacks were frequent,theyd soon pass,i called police on one occasion,he made me hide in bedroom. i was so in love i couldnt see what i hafturnedinto,the physical attacks,they escalated into strangulation where i thought id die,being woken to punches around the head,and soon developed into rapes and sexual assaults with objects.i was a walking wreck,covered in bite marks and bruises,i didnt know what was going to happen,i just wanted to help this man i loved,this man the monster who would attack me for no other reason than i had no money for him or any other trivial excuse he gave me.he told me he loved me,i loved him so much i believed him,trying to help him by docters visits,all the time neglecting myself.people around could see,see what a mess i was,and i have them people now to thank,for phoning police and being strong for me when i couldnt be.he was arrested and charged with several assaults and rapes,all of which went to crown court,he wasfound guilty for the assaults and not guilty on all of the sexual attacks. i was dissapointed in the jury,i now have to live a life knowing he will soon be out and about,i cant sleep,i struggle with life now,sleep is all i do,this man i loved has all but killed me,he destroyed me and my trust.he raped and battered me frequently,i am one of the lucky ones i get told,i survived and am still alive to raise my children,229 women die at the hands of their partners or ex partners a is still early days and he is currently awaiting sentencing,i just hope with the help i come out of this stronger and wiser. thanks for reading my story