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Dont walk home alone! not even on main roads.

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03/03/2015        Chelsie

On the 11th july, me and my friends decided we would go out on the town for a farewell as my best mate was leaving town. We went to the local club where we normally start the night, for 10pm it was quite busy, we ordered drinks and went out into the smoking area for a cigarette, i turned around to my mate to ask for a lighter as i saw a male looking at me and giving me this weird creepy smile. I ignored this as i thought it was just another face, as we got into another club i had complete forgot about the creepy smile and continued my night, i must admit i had drank alot seems thats what 18 year olds do. when the nigh was coming to an end me and my my departed and i decided to walk home, i suffer with car sickness when sober so going in a taxi when intoxicated is humiliating, so i walk to sober up. i had reached the roundabout where the road to go home is a straight road so there was no need to get off the main roads. My mum had always told me if i was going to walk home on my own then i sound stick to main roads and avoid alleyways, so i kept to my mums advice. as i got the the local Sainsburys store i heard someone shout my name, i thought it was one of my friends so i turned around and there was no one to be seen, so i carried on walking then again someone shouted my name, i looked up and saw a familiar face, it was th eman i had seen throughout the night. I quickly started walking and grabbing my phone out to call my boyfriend to meet me..but he didnt answer.As i came off the phone i felt a hard grab around my arm so i turned around and there he was that face, that cheeky,weird smile. I asked him what he wanted and his reply was "sex me" i said no and tried to carry on walking but he grabbed both of my arms and within a flash he was in front of me and repeatedly kept saying "sex me" he then grabbed me around my waist and span round me so he was at the back of my, is arms still wrapped round me, he then grabbed my breats firm and as i tried to release them he grabbed my bum cheek with one hand and the other still on my breast holding me into him, shock was running through my body and all i could think was he was going to rape me, with the hand that was on my bum cheek he moved it onto my thigh and made his way up to my vagina. All of this happened in a few minutes. After i realized what was happening i grab my phone and dialed 999 and showed him who i was calling and within a blink of a eye he was gone. After 7 months of the accident, dealing with my depression, anxiety i had to go give evidence, this was the day i was dreading, reliving that day and explaining what he had done to me in front of aloud of strangers terrified me, i thought they would judge me, blame me but they did the opposite they supported me and was very victim friendly. Court lasted for 10 hours, he pleaded guilty for 2 off the offences the grabbing me and touching my bum but not guilty to the breast and vagina. I felt relief when my solicitor told me he was found Guilty for all 4 offences and is looking at a harsh sentence. After 7 months i feel weightless, relief, and that i can actually breath again without feeling clammed up. And what a better way of moving on is too share my story, to show that if anyone has dealt with something similar it does get better, But also to make awareness for newly 18 year olds and 18+ the dangers of walking home alone, even on main roads.