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Disturbing Life of my mind, body and soul

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04/05/2017        Anonymous

My body wasn't my own, my mind was controlled and my soul cried my pain. I was 2 when I first recalled my experience of their actions. I was sexually assaulted by people who was so close to my family who we trusted, one being someone I thought cared and loved me. My grandad but I was wrong. He took advantaged of my inocense and my vunerabity. The other 2 being friends of my mother and my brother. Who again seen a door open to take something that wasn't meant to be touched. I felt something wasnt right but thought ideas apart of life. Until I grow older i knew the dark shadows that followed me wasn't right. I felt this vessel of mine was dirty and needed cleansing. I spoke to my family and friends but no-one explain or seemed bothered just spoke negative about the perpetrators and told me to tell the police. So at 29yrs old I thought it's time to expose them and free myself from all the attatments that's stopped me moving forward. After all the encouragement I contacted the police who had taken a statement I the events, but never got any response. So I continue to live with it and deal with it myself. But in 2013 one of the perpetrators found me and decided to get intouch via Facebook, explaining how sexy I still look from when I was a kid and how he had me in the coal shed. I felt discussed once again but didn't want to contact the police due to my past experience. But my family and friend again advised me to do so. So I'm 2015 I thought I'll give them another try. They apologised for the last event and I went on to have 2 interviews 1 being a video link. That I felt really uncomfortable with due to the fact it was 2 male officers. But I continued to go on with it. They took my Facebook password so they could look into him. But again nearly 2yrs now I still haven't heard one thing not was i given any support or contact number.