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Attacked On My Way To Work

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01/01/2014        Luke

I was on my way to work one morning and had to walk to the city as I missed the bus. It was 6am in the summer so it was still light. I got to a bus stop and checked the times, when I was approached by a man (around 20). He asked me for lighter (I agreed and gave him one), while waiting for him to return it I opened my eyes to a pain in my face and I was on the floor (a sense man I hadn't noticed at punched me from behind). I stood up and my first reaction was to run... So I did but was caught about 30 seconds later. They then punched me in the face around 10 times asking for my phone and money, I gave them everything straight away (hoping that would be it). It wasn't it they wanted more so carrying me to a ATM they demanded more money (luckily I had £10 in my account) so I got it out for them. They then wanted to take me somewhere quiet, on the way I said, quote " you don't have to do this, I have been good to you and given you everything, you will get in trouble for this" there exact reply " once we kill you and hide your body, no body will find you and we will get away" there is no reply to something like that, I just started to think of the pain that would put my family through. Once we arrived in a sheltered car park one of them strangled me a against the wads while the other repeatedly punched me in the face. They then let go because a old man walked past. They spoke to each other in Somalian, then unexpectedly I had one last punch to the face which I felt the bones In my face cave in, I fell to the floor and pretended to be unconscious. I then heard them discussing weather or not to take my body with them. They then ran off. I got straight up and ran as far as I could. I managed to call the police, get to hospital and call my partner to meet me there. They got court and 4 months later got 5 years and 3 months each in prison. My injures were, shattered cheek, broken nose, bruised jaw, nerve damage (causing me to have no feeling in the left side of my face permanently) and finally permanent loss of my sense of smell. That one normal day on my way to work changed my life forever, the people that did this will never know how much suffering they have caused. To anyone who has been through something similar, things do get better with help and support.