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Attacked by a delivery driver

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04/02/2014        Ryan calder

On the 3/2/2014 at 9:30am me and my 6 year old daughter went to B and Q in basildon to buy some paint to decorate our new home,as I was walking through the entrance to get a trolley I felt someone nudge me in the back that was quite sharp I turned to see what it was it was a delivery driver nudging me out the way with a parcel he was carrying I said to him are you not going to apologise he then swore at me and got in my face I told him to back off as my daughter was there who is 6 but he kept on the man then walked off my i said to my daughter what an idiot the man then threw the parcel on the floor and attacked me by punching me in the face 6 times whilst my daughter was clung to my leg screaming the staff of B and Q got the man off and told him to leave he was arrested but got let off with a caution because I had no visible injury but what they failed to detect that my daughter is now left mentally scared and don't like post men and can't sleep at night where is the justice