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Attacked 4weeks 4days after having a baby

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03/01/2015        Sandie

I was attacked from a group of people just 4weeks 4days after having my baby girl. I have four children that was present at the time and I was battered with bats male and females grabed me from my path into my landing they tried to poke my right eye out and when I got free two males tried to get me out the back with a baseball bat in one of the boy's hands to hit into me again i ran inside locked my door and called police this happened on the 16th August 2014 and I still haven't recovered I am now on stronger dose and different kind of anti depressants and I still think about this everyday iv started to self harm and will be seeing a councillor in the middle of January as I still haven't recovered from this evil vindictive attack and still waiting to be called up to court which I think is absolutely ridiculous