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Attack in the dark

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06/01/2014        Jasmine Leonard - Exmouth

It was 11pm and I had just left my friends to stay at my boyfriends for the night. Walking down the road I notice a police car, I look around but see nothing going on so carry on walking. I notice a man holding into the wall but standing away from light. I walk a fair distance from him. The next thing I know, he grasp my shoulder from behind and I feel a knife against my neck. I didn't know what to do. I was in shock but I screamed. I know I had to. The next thing I knew there was the police man jumping out of the car to a metre away from where I was being held. The man who had me in his grasp is whispering into my ear but I can't understand him I'm too in shock. I remember the police man is shouting words and calling for backup. The next thing I know there are lots of police around me and a huge flash and a loud, electric sound. The man is suddenly off of me and the knife is on the floor. I ran. After that night I have been left with barely support apart from CAHMS which have given me full support because I have been left with Anxiety and Depression and been prescribed with AntiDepressents. I am 16 years old. That was a life changing night. I have been left scared of everything and everyone.