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Assaulted in Swansea

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07/11/2013        Anonymous

I was working in Matthew street flats block 1 as I'm a cleaner for the last 10yrs with the city and county of Swansea I had just started mopping the even lift which is situated in the main entrance foyer to the flats and I was talking on my mobile to friend when I heard someone come through the double doors from the main entrance door I didn't turn around to look as I'm used to people coming an going as the main entrance is quite busy at that time of the day with tenants coming and going and visitors of the tenants etc , all of a sudden someone grabbed my bum I turned round an looked of my shoulder an seen a man standing behind me I asked hi. What he thought the hell he thought he was doing he did not reply he just stared at me his eyes were really creepy , I turned to carry on mopping the lift and next thing he was pushing his body up against me an trying to push me into the lift I lift my right elbow with the mop in my hand an used me elbow to push him away but he kept still trying to push me into the lift I still had my friend on the phone in my left hand an she could hear me telling him to get away from me I turn around more fully an he realised I was on my mobile with that he just pushed past me stepped over my mop and got into the lift I asked him was there something wrong with him to which he replied Yes I removed the mop from the lift and allowed the door to close to which I watched the lift go up to the 6th floor I told my mate on the phone what was happening as she heard everything an was worried for me , I then went up to the housing office an informed them of what had just happened an it was then I found out that he had raped women an children an was also on licence for sexually assaulting another women recently the housing manager then rang the police for me I later made a statement and not long after that he was arrested.