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Assaulted for nothing by a stranger

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06/06/2014        Anonymous

I was assaulted in Sheffield on the main road west street around 11pm, I've never seen the man before that assaulted me and there was no reason at all for him to do this. I could not eat for around 5 days only soup and a still struggle to brush my teeth and have an aching feeling in my jaw and cheek. My right hand of my face was like a purple/black balloon and I dernt even go to police or the hospital because of this till it died down after a few days, an now scared of goin out round Sheffield where a live incase this happens again as a dont know the person that did it and the police were shocking too and did not seem interested one bit and couldn't find him in one of the biggest cities and main road for drinking on CCTV...what a load of rubbish.. Dbins