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Assaulted by drug addict neighbor (disabled lady!)

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07/02/2014        Anonymous

I used to live in a communal apartment block on the ground floor. The postman and I had an arrangement; as I was often in a lot of pain so it was easier to leave my front door open have my many parcels just popped in my doorway and I could pick them up when I felt able to. This worked for some time although I started to receive obnoxious remarks from a guy who lived across the hall. He didn't really concern me as he hadn't bothered me in the past. The remarks turned into yelling abuse, which became demands that I close my door. I couldn't understand his change in attitude other than the possibility that he was no longer on his usual 'chill out' marijuana but had moved on to pills and powders. I can only think that despite my never having had an issue with his drugs before he was now feeling vulnerable enough to think I was spying on him. The yelling turned into his pulling my door closed and holding it shut. I got my camera because the landlord had asked for evidence of his behavior, he must have heard it because he flew in my door and pushed me 7 foot down a hall and smashed me into a door, twisting my neck and breaking my camera. Unfortunately there were no witnesses and so the police never prosecuted because, in their words "the crown prosecution service need more evidence" but not long after this persons actions I was advised that I might need spinal surgery in my neck, I have been in severe pain and regularly loose the use of my left arm. I still have trouble coming to terms with the fact that drug users who spend all their time learning how to avoid the law then use it to their advantage when attacking someone can get away with this.