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Assault on the Public Highway

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07/07/2014        T Neate

ASSAULT UPON TONY R N I Tony RN was assaulted by a member of the public at the work location, time and date as described above. The working side of the carriageway was east-bound and the live traffic side for single file traffic in each alternate direction was west-bound at the time of the occurrence. I was manning the Master Control Unit of the Temporary Traffic Signals at the western end of the work site. An emergency paramedic vehicle with hailer and blue lights active, was approaching the work site heading west-bound. Two vehicles heading east-bound had passed through on a Green Light and a small gap in the traffic flow was observed by me. I switched the temporary traffic signals to ALL RED. Upon doing so the approaching vehicle was about to run the RED Light, (which had been RED for 6 seconds) I put out my hand in the STOP position as described in the Highway Code. The lead vehicle came to rest as did the remainder of the following vehicles. The offending vehicle was driven by a female with a male passenger in the front passenger seat. The male passenger gestured to me through the windscreen of the vehicle a two finger sign and a clenched fist shaken up and down. After another 30 seconds or so the male passenger head was out of the window reveal shouting at me, I did not hear what he was shouting, so I approached the vehicle and then heard the words to be of an abusive nature. A small child aged 2 to 3 was on the lap of the male front seat passenger. I placed both of my hands on the car door frame window reveal with my head lowered to explain why they had been stopped abruptly on the Red Light. He was stating that he was only going to Brent Lea. I started to explain that he could go to Brent Lea in a moment but not while the Red Light was displayed. I was unable to complete the explanation, as he slung the child from his lap to the female driver and forced open the front passenger door into my body This action caught me unaware and my stance was unbalanced, as the male alighted the vehicle, he was punching and kicking me. A tussle then occurred between the two of us he being the aggressor and I attempting to protect myself and retaliate when I was able. The assailant male then made off in a hurried way and entered Brent Lea housing complex not to be seen again. I was now attempting to regain my composure and to locate my spectacles that had been struck from my facial location, which were somewhere in the road. I could hear persons shouting but not what they were saying. The offending vehicle had now moved forward past the temporary traffic signal head and was again at rest. I wrote the car registration number on the back of my hand and continued the search for my spectacles until I located them. The persons shouting I discovered were people in the immediate following two vehicles whom were concerned for my welfare. I thanked those persons and said I would be ok. The 2 persons in the Blue Mercedes car were very concerned for my welfare and offered to be witnesses to the assault if I required, I thanked them for their kindness and asked if I could have their registration car number which they agreed and I wrote that on the inside of my hand. I then visually checked the surrounding work site and traffic and promptly switched the temporary traffic signals back to normal vehicle actuated mode. I then made a call from my mobile to my work colleague Jerry Field requesting his presence urgently at my location, this he complied with promptly by running all the way through the work site. I explained to Jerry Field the occurrence and he immediately relieved me of my duties. The site road surfacing supervisor (Martin) was contacted with details of the occurrence. He checked on my welfare contacted the police and reported the occurrence to his off-site superior. The police duly arrived and I gave a statement, the police searched locally for the offending vehicle, in particular the area of Brent Lea, but the vehicle was not located. It may be that the vehicle did not enter Brent Lea as the occupants intended. Martin the road surfacing supervisor transported me to and from the West Middlesex Hospital Urgent Care Centre where I was in excess of three hours. The medical diagnosis being-: Right hand ring finger cut badly bruised swollen, now strapped to other finger for stability Cut on forehead, cut & lump on top rear of head, cuts abrasions to both legs and right knee Sore tender right elbow, pain in neck, pain in back and buttock left side, general bruising Tony 15th April 2014 -------------------------------------------