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Arson attack on elderly pensioner

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10/06/2014        Philip Jarvis

We was living on the Nunsthorpe Estate in Grimsby at the time ,it was around 11'o clock approx when i had taken my dog for his last walk,when my one of my neighbors ran on the feild to tell me to get back home quick some ones tourced your house. My mother was taken out into the ambulance and she suffered smoke inhaluence.We both had to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks which my mother was very stressful and frightened causing her later to have a stroke.We also had to sell up because of previous trouble regarding anti social behavour, ie shooting pellets at us.We suffered a great loss financially in moving when properties were at there lowest value, also had problems with our new home due to movement and subsidence.We had a solicitor to try and retrieve some of our losses and injuries, but he had taken ill and never kept up with our case. The case is now finished and we still suffer losses and nothing has been done.We was told that a letter for our claim was sent but we never recieved it and the new gp was consulted about this where we have moved to.I would like to straighten this mess but cannot sort things out.We still suffer due to the fact i am now a full time carer for my mother and a little compensation would of helped us a great deal but it is not to be.My new GP would of gladly forwarded my mothers medical conditions and the counsillor has now apoligised for not cosulting her.My question is what went wrong and why has nothing been done by all parties involved