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Abused by a teacher

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14/05/2016        Cayleigh Zamparelli (i refuse to hide my name. I will speak out. I am brave)

I was abused at the age of 10 by a teacher. My parents went to the school and police and it was cast aside. I spent 16 years battling demons of what this man did to me and other victims. In roughly 2012, a "newer" victim brought him to trial, and i went to the police. The year of 2013 whilst i was heavily pregnant with my son, i gave evidence and his solicitor tried to bully me. Because of this, i went into preterm labour. You will see this in many of the final court proceedings news reports where the judge bollacked him for letting me go through this stress. I feel sorry for his wife that she had him pulling the wool over his eyes. He got roughly 10 yesrs with no parole.....its no way enough. He should of got life