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Abused at the age of 6.

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06/07/2016        Anonymous

At the age of 6 years old, you would have thought a child would have been living a happy, normal life. But i had hidden secrets that felt like it was going on for years. My mum used to go to work at nights, and leave me in the family house, where her fiance, his nrother and father lived. But no matter who was there, that never stopped him. I suffered years of abuse from a young age. It was always going to be 'our little secret' because i never knew no different, i didnt reconignse it was wrong, until one night mum came home early.. i had countless bruises on my body, and i isolated myself from the age of 6.. noone ever noticed until he was caught. I suffered countless abuse every night, and after 12 years of councelling, i finally came out on top! To all the people that this is happening too. Dont let it get you down, and dont show them that they've won, because out of experience, thats there biggest accomplishment!