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5 years of physical,mental,sexual assault!!!

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29/03/2015        Anonymous

I was 14 years old few days till I was 15. I was excited, on my way to my youth club with my sister and friends. I then got stopped and had been asked a series of questions by someone in my community. I'm a kind hearted young girl who would be happy to help anybody. I had walked back to give answers. my friends was meeting another friend they had to walk on. Soon after they had gone I had been sexually assulted by a stranger, after giving in on a fight and repetitive "NO's". I ran to my nearest friend and had explained what had happened. I told a few others. Within days the neighbourhood knew and I was accused of lying. I had been badly bullied and abused. I had been spat on, hit in the face and threatened. I had to have an alarm put into my house for my own safety. The police was notified and I had a video statement in 2010 as I just turned 15 and was too young for a written statement. I then on had no further contact from the police just a nock on the door to collect the alarm. The days going by not concentrating on simple conversations or talking or communicating with anyone. Missing out on my grades in school as it was constantly on my mind. Daily i was feeling like a failure, Feeling alone, Tired, stressed, depressed and had bad anxiety. Couldn't and still can't be left alone in a room with a male, even my own family or people who have known me since I was a baby. However I've saw plenty of councilors and phycologist and physiotherapist. Within this time the police still hadn't been in contact only in 2013 I, myself had contacted somebody about it as I'm tired of being tired of life. I had got a court date within 8 to 10 months then got AJURNERD the day before trail. Due to him changing his barrister I was a mess and De stressed. I then received another letter saying I had a court date in 6 months. It went to court in 2015. And he got found guilty. No words can explain how I feel and no emotions can been shown. I still feel it's a little too late but to anybody reading this and if it's happened to you go to the police and make sure it gets delt with. I've been left with mental health problems and stress and many more. Nothing will ever go back to the way It was. I've applied for this compensation and no amount of money can make you forget about what's happened or take away the pain and effects of your everyday life But I will need it for further services. Anyway my story's message is don't suffer in silence. Stand your rights.