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5 attackers, 2 friends and permanent damage.

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31/07/2014        Shari

A friend and I were attacked on Sunday (27th July) morning around 4:30am in Huddersfield town centre. My attacker stamped on my ankle known as a 'sweep' and he fractured my fibula bone severely which I have just found out today means I will be having surgery on Monday 4th or Tuesday 5th next week. They will be putting in a metal plate for my fibula and 2/3 pins into my ankle. The doctor has also told me that I will develop arthritis from this injury due to my bones needing to be tightened. I am suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, sleeplessness, severe pain, isolation, mental reruns of the attack and other horrific thoughts and feelings. I have been told my position at my new job will be terminated as I am in the probation period and if I can't attend work for 2 weeks they will have to terminate my employment. My doctor has told me I am unfit to work for a minimum of 6 weeks, meaning that when my employment is terminated I can't claim Employment and Support Allowance from the government or claim Job Seekers Allowance as I can't work. I am on 5 different types of medication including: Tramodol, Paracetamol, Codeine, Co-codemal and Ibuprofen (not all at the same time). I have made a full police report and they are in the process of finding my attacker although I have been told none of the attack was captured on CCTV. The ambulance service do however have his number as before he fled the scene with his 4 friends he gave me his phone to ring an ambulance and then retracted his offer before I could complete the call. The one slightly redeeming thing he could have done and he failed! I feel he has a lot more to be scared of now as I fully intend on seeing this through to the last sentence. Everyone who has been involved with the aftermath of the attack has been INCREDIBLE. The police are working so hard to find him, my friends are being super supportive, my family are always here and won't let me do anything but heal, my work place have been very kind (but business is business), the staff at the hospital have been amazing with me, my doctors have been great allowing me over the phone prescriptions... I can't fault ANYONE in this situation except my attacker. He has turned my life upside down. I wouldn't like to think that anyone would let someone get away with making them feel like this. My advice to whoever is looking for a decision about what to do is: don't give up! Justice will come your way in many different forms. Even if my attacker is not found I know I will have the support to deal with this emotionally. I have high hopes of him being located and right now I intend not to stop until he is found. He hasn't just affected me... my mum was the one who had to receive a call saying her baby was in hospital! I've never had an operation before so I am nervous and I have never broken a bone before so it's a new experience, but one I could have lived without! Please don't give up on yourself or your life or the people who want to be there for you and NEVER give up on finding justice for your injuries! Physical or emotional you deserve to see the best outcome!