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22/10/2014        Anonymous

hi my name is colin, it was a normal saturday evening i went to my bed at the usual time of 9:30 pm as it was not a school day. mum lives alone with me and that night at early hours 2am sunday morning i awoke to a man holding a 30cm cooks knive at me and smiling and before i could cry, started to stab me in the side, chest lung and back and then arms when i tried to defend myself, my mum was stabbed two times in the face and shoulder and i was left in a pool of blood after he left us for dead, my mum was on the phone to an ambulance all i remember from that day sunday 23rd june 2013 3 days before i was 17 was images and flashbacks waking up in hospital in critical care with a punctured and collapsed lung permanent severe nerve damage and constant nightmares and ptsd he has been sentenced with attempted murder on me and section 18 with intent for my mum. this has forced us to move and hide from society scared of being alive, i have just applied for cica and still waiting hope this can help me to build a panic room to sleep in at night so i know im safe. thank you for listening to my story, colin now 18 yrs old