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Men threw drink and then glass causing injury

Myself and a friend arrived at a bar on our way home from an event in North London. We had only had two drinks previous to this and we ordered two pints and chose a seat furthest from the bar near the window. When we chose this seat the two seats opposite were empty.

Sometime later two men sat in the empty seats. At first they chatted amongst themselves but 5-10 minutes later they initiated conversation with us.

We spoke with them for a few minutes but then we politely said we were having a catch up.

One of the men started asking why we didn’t want to speak to them and became aggressive in his tone. My friend at this point asked the bouncer to have a word with the two men and they appeared to leave.

Ten minutes later the men came back. One of them was angry and the other was trying to lead him away. The bouncer asked them to leave and a bartender asked us if we would like to move closer to the bar where they could keep an eye on things.

After being moved the angry man came back shouted something incomprehensible to my friend and threw a drink over her. Not seeing that the man had gone outside my friend made her way to the bouncer who was also outside. I followed to support her at which point another drink was poured over my friend.

The man then threw the glass at us where it shattered on the door frame and bounced back into my upper lip.

The man was arrested at the scene and I gave a statement. I was taken to hospital where I received 5 stitches.

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