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Criminal Injury following a bank robbery

This is a case study of a recent criminal injury case that we have dealt with The following is a summarised "real life" case.

Victim of a bank raid In this case our client was inside a bank making a deposit. The bank was very busy because it was a Friday morning.

The claimant observed two men jostling behind her and pushing their way forward in the queue. She assumed that they were just being unruly but one of the individuals then pulled on a stocking mask and revealed a gun.

It became clear what their intentions were - customers ran for the bank exits but the claimant was unable to and had no choice but to watch what unfolded.

She was forced to sit on the floor whilst the robber shouted demands at the staff. She was also threatened and had a gun pointed at her during the ordeal.

The claimant - whilst not physically injured, suffered psychologically from the accident for a period of more than two years. She received £8200 in compensation from the CICA.

This type of criminal injury case is thankfully rare but it shows that injuries need not necessarily be physical so long as they are proven to result from the event or crime itself.

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