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Attacked in a nightclub

Deviated nasal septum, Scarring to head        £ 1,800

I was in a night club with my fiancé and a couple of friends. We were having fun and dancing when some of the girls on the dance floor started to yell at us about being foreign. We ignored them because we knew it was not worth it to be bothered.

The girls I was with had put their handbags on the dance floor and were dancing around them. One of the girls who had shouted at us complained about the handbags even though there was plenty of space. We again ignored them but they became annoyed for no reason.

Three of the girls came up to my fiancée and began yelling at her. I was talking to one of the boys who was with the girls. I wanted him to stop them and take them away. As I was talking to him the girls started attacking my fiancée. I tried to get in between then them to separate them in a calm manner. Whilst standing there the girls shouted to the security for help.

I do not remember what happened after this as I was hit from behind and was unconscious for approximately 15 minutes. I woke up covered with blood. The club was almost empty except for staff members and the police who had arrived.