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A survivors story

I was around 3 when i was sexually abused by my own father , neighbours, his mates. It went on for a number of years till i was taken into foster care at age 8!!! Before placing me into the right home i had to go under alot of medicals which i refused but was dragged in by my carer at the time. I had enough of strangers using me and sticking stuff in me, by now i lost faith in all humans even my self. Age 10 i ran away from my care home and was placed into a new home. Age 11 i started my period i thought i was finally dying from all the abuse. Noone told me what a period was so i called the ambulance. By age 12 i started cutting my self I'd starve my self i felt i was a mistake and isolated my self from everything and everyone. I hated the world i hated life i felt sorry for my self. For many years after that i struggled to fit in , i developed faster than my school mates. By age 18 i took an over dose this kept going on till age 20. It was till then i slapped my self to wake up .. i kept saying over and over i am a survivor and noone will hurt me ever again. Im now 25 happy with a boyfriend of 2 years and i write poetry helping others. I lost too many years feeling sorry for my self when instead i should of got up and moved onwards. I must mention my dad passed away when i was 8 before court hearings good riddance!! I am now finally at peace. I struggle still sometimes but nothing will stop me i am proud i never turned to drugs or drink !