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Domestic Abuse

To be with someone 5 years dedicate your life and have children with them is a big commitment for them to throw it away and cheat lie and abuse you is a hurtful thing but I stayed , I stayed because I thought I could change him he hit me while I was pregnant with our second son I was 12 weeks. That was the first time I can remember calling the police on him but I didn’t want to press charges I just wanted him to learn his lesson I thought he learned we was fine up until 2016 December when we had broken up for the final time and it got worse he would come and strangle me , put my head through my doors and punch them through where my boys could see it Day in day out he would argue with me all the time and call me names then once he calms down tell me he loves me and that he’s sorry with a few tears and I’d believe him until April when he did the worst thing to me , he snapped my wrist he broke a bone I’d never had a broken bone and it was the worst pains I’d ever come across worse than labour he took me to the hospital not bothered about me but about my story he wanted to make sure we had our story so we did I told a lie a big one at that one that made the next few weeks worse for me , I was operated on and had a metal plate and bolts put in that will be there for the rest of my Life , fresh out of surgery he left me to look after my children so my children became my carers they’d help me cook , clean , wash , and go to the toilet as well as change nappy’s and bath there younger siblings , he would come back and get my bad arm for control and rag me up to watch me cry and laugh calling me a bitch he didn’t know the pain that caused me it hurt so much , on the 15th May id had enough I got the courage to go to the police and have an interview I sat shaking but not a fear shake a proud shake a shake that I’d done it , it can only get better right ? Wrong orders where placed out he persisted his innocence all the way through but he also kept breaching his orders leading to him barging into my home and attacking me again infront of my children my neighbour saved me That day by banging on the door the police came out again and again he was always getting released on bail and coming back to mine and be smug that he’s out the police where good to me they did all they could do for me but the day of court he finally pleaded guilty I felt a sense of freedom and release from him like a weight had lifted I never thought he would plead guilty , it was then moved to a later date where he was sentenced I was hoping he would get about 3 years I wasn’t asking to much after everything he’d put me And my kids through right ? Wrong .... he was sentenced to 18 months to do half and have the remand he did after the last attack taken of in 7-9 months that judge has signed my death sentence I’m not exaggerating I’m not being over the top I’m being honest that judge has failed me as a victim and a the other victims out here also failed my children who are in therapy now for everything they’ve witnessed the police where spot on the judge was a disgrace to my family.