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08/04/2021        Anonymous

When I was al little gurl around 7,8 years old I was touched by my uncle but he would always touch my butt I just rolled with it till I heard what rape and being touch was but I still didn't do anything then one night my uncle told me to come to him in the living room I was going to the bathroom but I still came he siad lay on me and I did then he told me to put my legs around him and I always did that so I did think nothing of it so then I statred to fall alsleep the I felt something touching my private part and it was his private I said stop stop he said what what like he didn't know what he was doing then the next day me and my sibling went to my granny she always asked me if someone every touch me I always said no but that day I said yes. She said okay then she called my mom and said that he touch me she siad no he didn't and that I was lying So I never told any one else and my mom still dose not know and I am 12 now I might tell her when I am older.