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Wide ranging review of existing rape case ordered as police face strong criticism

Rape victims and support charities dismayed at the news current rape cases to be reviewed by the police

In a shocking revelation the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Alison Saunders announced on Friday evening that all existing rape cases in England and Wales were to undergo a review. This followed weeks of speculation that some rape cases were being mishandled by police as they were accused of not providing full disclosure to the defence.

Which social media platforms are bad for your mental health?

Report suggests Intagram is the most negative form of social media when it comes to mental health

A fascinating report put together by Royal Society for Public Health and the Young Health Movement (YHM) has studied the effect social media platforms have on users mental health. The focus has been specifically on the impact on young people.

The pre-1979 abuse compensation trap – Same roof rule

The governments shameful pre-1979 abuse victim swindle

If you have suffered from childhood sexual abuse within the family and the case has been investigated by the police, it may be possible to claim compensation for the trauma and psychological harm caused.  

The dangers of online sexual abuse highlighted by childrens charity

The NSPCC today published a project aimed at highlighting the dangers of "online" sexual abuse involving young people.


The majority of contacts made to the Childline helpline last year that related to online activity were said to involve sexual abuse. More worryingly, 40% of these calls necessitated involving outside agencies who intervened on the callers behalf.

Childline charity releases its annual report for 2016

Childline report highlights main concerns from young callers

The annual Childline report has been published detailing the statistics on the charity's helpline activity and the issues raised by callers.

During 2015/16, Childine received calls or messages from 291,753 children and supported a further 9,660 who had serious concerns about another child. The total number of contacts therefore rose to 301,413, a 5% increase compared with 2014/15.

Mental health support for abused children is failing in the UK

NSPCC Campaign focuses on the need for reform as the healthcare system continues to fail young abuse victims

Despite a much heralded £1.4 billion investment in children's mental health services, it seems that the government and the NHS have a blind spot when it comes to dedicated services for abused children in the UK.